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Mobile-Based Access Control for Residential Multi-Dwelling Properties

Spintly - Residential Access

Mobile-Based Access Control for ResidentialMulti-Dwelling Properties Control your residential access in a smarter way with Mobile Based  Access Control technology which enables users to open doors, access the common amenities, and manage the visitors & parking in a contactless manner. Introduction As the world rapidly advances in technology, traditional key-based access control systems for residential […]

5 Ways to Create Safer Visitor Experiences for Residential and Commercial Spaces

5 Ways to Create Safer Visitor Experiences for Residential and Commercial Spaces On the surface, visitor management appears straightforward, but it entails more than simply greeting and directing people to their destinations. As soon as they enter the property, visitors are expected to provide identification and the name of the person they are scheduled to […]

Why are Organizations Opting for Contactless VMS?

WHY ARE ORGANIZATIONS OPTING FOR CONTACTLESS VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS? Businesses must adjust to swings in people’s capacity and willingness to follow standards for the sake of the public, in addition to following specific regulations and each organization implementing its own safety protocol Since the year 2020, we have had a better understanding of the Coronavirus […]

BIOMETRICS – The Future and recent trends in access control

Spintly Biometric Access

BIOMETRICS – The Future and Recent Trends in Access Control Biometric Security Systems Explained What is the purpose of biometrics in access control? To begin with the history, the term biometric is derived from the Greek vocabulary, where Bio means Life and Metric means To Measure. In simple words, the biometric access control means a […]

Benefits of Effective Visitor Management System in Commercial & Residential Premises

Visitor Management System

Benefits of effective Visitor Management System in commercial & residential premises The moment we think of a visitor management system, it reminds us of the pen and paper procedure with a number of ledgers piled up in the security area, followed by the traditional practice of having a receptionist at the front desk to personally […]

Advantages of Contactless Access Control

Contactless Access Control

Advantages of Contactless Access Control The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world we all live in. With hundreds and thousands of employees trying to get back to work under one roof, it becomes important to provide them with secure and hygienic access to their workplace. To meet this growing safety requirement, contactless access controls are […]

Why should you get an Access Control System for your Educational Institute?

Access Control to Educational Institutions

Why should you get an Access Control System for your Educational Institute? Educational facilities require effective security measures to create a safe and welcoming environment for students and teachers alike. Hence, implementing security features within the institution is the top priority. A balance between a safe and secured environment and a welcoming and learned surrounding […]

Access Control for Co-Working Spaces

Spintly Access Control for Coworking Space

Access Control for Co-Working Spaces Problems faced by Co-Workspaces As the corporate world becomes more and more competitive, the utilization of resources effectively has become the priority. With the rising number of startups and small industries, the concept of co-working spaces is gaining ground. A co-working space is an area where people from different organizations […]

Why should you invest in a contactless Visitor Management System

Contactless Visitor Management

Why should you invest in a Contactless Visitor Management System ! Are you an organization that wants to keep track of the people who visit your location? Do you believe that automated processes will help your business grow? Do you think a contactless access control system can help you maintain safety as well as save […]