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Spintly UNO

Connection Diagram

Model No : SU-01

Pigtail color code

UNO reader is equipped with a 8 core pigtail required during the connection process. The table below describes the signal names along with their corresponding color code.

The reader supports various modes of configuration. The connection of wires will differ based on the selected configuration. To ensure proper setup and functionality, refer to the configurations listed below.

Configuration 1 : Standalone Spintly Reader

Installation type : Entry Reader and REX

Configuration 2 : Spintly Entry with Exit reader

Installation type : Entry-Exit

  • In this mode, both the entry and exit Spintly readers will share the same power lines. Connect together the VIN wires of both the readers. Similarly for GND wires (ground).
  • Short VIN wire to COMMON wire of Entry Reader
  • Short NC (in case of mag lock) wire of Entry Reader to COMMON wire of Exit Reader
  • Connect the locking mechanism (Strike lock or Magnetic lock) to NC (in case of mag lock) wire of Exit Reader
  • The sensor inputs (REX and Door sensor) should be connected to Exit reader

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