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Smartphone-based Multifactor authentication to secure access to a Data centre

Teleindia began its India operations in 2006, in the telecom vertical as a ‘Service Provider’ business unit with proven expertise, quality standards and efficient delivery processes, making it a reliable partner for a new digital age, reshaping the future of people, nations and businesses


Mantrap & Door Inter locking
HRMS Integration
Card/Badges Credentials
Card Based Access
Spintly Smart Phone based access
Smartphone Based Access
Cloud Based Access

Case Study

TeleIndia – Requirements/Challenges

  • Given the scale of the project, Cost was a big concern
  • Managing access cards for hundreds of users was a hassle
  • Additional security on the server floors of the data centre was needed
  • Integration with their HRMS system was required
  • Faster deployment and implementation were needed

Solutions Provided

  • Smartphone and Card-based access control solution
  • The wireless mesh solution saved a huge amount of cost in the project
  • Access Management, Attendance Management, and Contactless Visitor Management
  • Mobile-based Multi-factor authentication for added access security to the server floor. 
  • Attendance management integration with their HRMS system
  • Supply, installation, testing, and commissioning completed in 3 weeks (60+) devices deployed? 35+ doors and barrier access control. 
  • Solution getting deployed at the second location. 
  • Contactless Visitor Management with a paperless visitor pass sent to their mobile number

Hardware Solutions

  • UNO Smartphone based Access

  • Gateway

Software Solution

  • Access Management

  • Attendance Management

  • Visitor Management