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Smartphone-based access control with integration makes access tracking easier.

Smart, integrated door access for smart buildings
Mantrap & Door Inter locking
Spintly + Smarworks Integration
Spintly Smart Phone based access
Smartphone Based Access
Cloud Based Access

Case Study

Before Spintly

  • Access cards frequently lost by members
  • Not enough flexibility for one IT person to handle all the demands of the space
  • Previous systems could not be integrated with membership tiers

With Spintly

  • Smartphone based access simplified the security process
  • Manage access remotly
  • Replaement of Card with smartphone-based Access
  • Single Platform for users with Spintly integration with Smartworks
  • Tracking made easy with flexible solutions
  • Cost-effective Solutions

The Problem and Challenges

The organisations to those we provide our access control services had another problem of managing the attendance and payroll. The previous time & attendance system was becoming a bottle neck being a local machine which use to generate reports which can be accessed over local ethernet network. The machine does its job but the HR team use to spend lot of time downloading the reports and recalculating salaries in an excel format. Also leave & holiday applications were still not integrated into the attendance reports. Leave applications were going on emails and records were separately maintained.

The previous system was feeling antique now because of the involved manual work and the interface was also outdated. The organisations were looking for an alternate which will drastically reduce the manual work involved and give accurate reports.

The Solution

We did integration with greytHR to solve this problem. greytHR automates multiple processes saving time of the HR team. Along with payroll processing, greytHR offers attendance & leave management which provides accurate realtime attendance data. It also offers API integrations with 3rd party softwares.

Spintly being a cloud-based system also allows API based 3rd party integration with various software. The organisations having Spintly access control it was easy implementing an integrated solution. The integration allowed system to capture the real-time entries of the employees on the main doors with entry and exit readers. The swipes then get sent to greytHR for attendance reporting.

Using main doors for the attendance capture reduced changes of employees missing the check-in and check-out punching time. The system captures data accurately as the employee enters and leaves the office.