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Why are Organizations Opting for Contactless VMS?

WHY ARE ORGANIZATIONS OPTING FOR CONTACTLESS VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS? Businesses must adjust to swings in people’s capacity and willingness to follow standards for the sake of the public, in addition to following specific regulations and each organization implementing its own safety protocol Since the year 2020, we have had a better understanding of the Coronavirus […]

BIOMETRICS – The Future and recent trends in access control

Spintly Biometric Access

BIOMETRICS – The Future and Recent Trends in Access Control Biometric Security Systems Explained What is the purpose of biometrics in access control? To begin with the history, the term biometric is derived from the Greek vocabulary, where Bio means Life and Metric means To Measure. In simple words, the biometric access control means a […]

ACaaS (Access Control as a service) – The Future of Physical Security

ACaaS (Access Control as a service) - the future of Physical security

ACaaS (Access Control as a service) – The Future of Physical Security In recent years, anything-as-a-service is gaining popularity across several market segments. Be it a residential segment, commercial segment, hospitality segment, manufacturing segment, educational segment or healthcare segment; all are in quest of cloud-based SaaS solutions for their operational needs. With COVID-19 this transition […]

Benefits of Effective Visitor Management System in Commercial & Residential Premises

Visitor Management System

Benefits of effective Visitor Management System in commercial & residential premises The moment we think of a visitor management system, it reminds us of the pen and paper procedure with a number of ledgers piled up in the security area, followed by the traditional practice of having a receptionist at the front desk to personally […]

Webinar on Technology and related Solution of Wireless Access Control

Spintly -Santhosh Webinar

Webinar on Advantages of Wireless Access Control The emerging trends in the access control industry focus on innovative and cutting-edge technologies which allow contactless & wireless smart access, authentication, identification and surveillance to help the world adapt to the new normal post-pandemic. Watch Now

Recent trends & future of Access Control in the post COVID era

Smart Access Control Future

Recent Trends & Future of Access Control in the post COVID Era 2020 was a challenging year marked by global tumult with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented and widespread healthcare system crisis has changed the lives of people worldwide. This disruption has not only given rise to the new norm of mask […]

Thread for Access Control and Smart Buildings

Threads for Access Control

Thread for Access Control and Smart Buildings The electronic Access control (EAC) industry has been around for almost 5 decades now since the advent of magnetic swipe cards. The access technology at the door has evolved from Swipe cards to RFID based proximity cards to NFC cards and now smartphones. But one thing which has […]

Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control

Cloud Based Access Control

Advantages of Cloud-Based Access Control Spintly offers a cloud-based access control solution. We aim to reduce the complexity of managing a wired access control system. With the heavy use of technology, traditional access control systems are fading away. Traditional access control systems, usually known as on-premise access control systems can be difficult to manage. These […]