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Occupancy Management with Access Control

Occupancy Management with Access Control As per the COVID-19 regulations, 6 feet distance between the employees should be maintained at all times in a workplace. Usually, access control was responsible for allowing access in and out of the building but with the current situation, there is a need to keep a check on the number […]

How to manage the crowd with a Contactless Turnstile Access Control

Contactless Turnstile Access

How to manage the crowd with a contactless Turnstile Access Control What is a Turnstile? A turnstile is a mechanical gate that is used to control access at the entrance of a building, corporate lobby, stadiums, metro stations, etc. It provides a controlled entry and an exit by allowing only one person to pass at […]

Access Control for Hospitals

Access Control for Hospitals

Access Control for Hospitals When it comes to healthcare, access control plays a crucial role. Access control systems help hospitals to manage the permissions given to different identities inside a hospital. For example – a doctor may have access to certain rooms, research labs, and intensive care units, whereas a cleaning staff or a nursing […]

Access Control System Solution during COVID-19

Covid 19 - Access Control System

Access Control System during COVID-19 Electronic access control systems have taken over the market for quite a long time. Many organizations currently use either biometric access control systems or access card systems. Both the system requires contact with the access control devices and is not fit for the post-COVID situation. To say COVID-19 has changed […]