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10 Most Fastest Growing Companies To Watch

The 10 Most Fastest Growing Companies to Watch Media Link The 10 Most Fastest Growing Companies to Watch (Interview) IoT has emerged as one of India’s fastest-growing technology areas, following the widely adopted digital revolution. It is driving the next big digital revolution and paving the way through automation. IoT has become the most popular […]

BIOMETRICS – The Future and recent trends in access control

Spintly Biometric Access

BIOMETRICS – The Future and Recent Trends in Access Control Biometric Security Systems Explained What is the purpose of biometrics in access control? To begin with the history, the term biometric is derived from the Greek vocabulary, where Bio means Life and Metric means To Measure. In simple words, the biometric access control means a […]

Benefits of Effective Visitor Management System in Commercial & Residential Premises

Visitor Management System

Benefits of effective Visitor Management System in commercial & residential premises The moment we think of a visitor management system, it reminds us of the pen and paper procedure with a number of ledgers piled up in the security area, followed by the traditional practice of having a receptionist at the front desk to personally […]

Smart Access Control for Fitness and Wellness Facility

Access Control for Fitness Centers

Smart Access Control for Fitness and Wellness Facility Gyms require a robust access control system for physical security. Nevertheless, gym and fitness facility door entry systems must be simple enough to allow for a constant flow of customers, allowing staff to focus on customer care rather than spending too much time watching who comes and […]