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Technological Breakthroughs that have the Potential to Reshape Modern Access Control

Technological breakthroughs that have the potential to reshape modern access control “When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds aren’t in your favour.” -Elon Musk  This is the life mantra of Mr. Rohin Parkar, Co-Founder and CEO, Spintly, who has a background in wireless technology and engineering, has always aspired to […]

BIOMETRICS – The Future and recent trends in access control

Spintly Biometric Access

BIOMETRICS – The Future and Recent Trends in Access Control Biometric Security Systems Explained What is the purpose of biometrics in access control? To begin with the history, the term biometric is derived from the Greek vocabulary, where Bio means Life and Metric means To Measure. In simple words, the biometric access control means a […]

Recent trends & future of Access Control in the post COVID era

Smart Access Control Future

Recent Trends & Future of Access Control in the post COVID Era 2020 was a challenging year marked by global tumult with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented and widespread healthcare system crisis has changed the lives of people worldwide. This disruption has not only given rise to the new norm of mask […]

Multi-Factor Authentication in Access Control

Multi-Factor Authentication in Access Control

Multi-Factor Authentication in Access Control What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)? Multi-factor Authentication refers to security technology that requires more than one verification method to verify a user’s identity to gain access to an application, online account, or any asset like a door. Most often a two-factor authentication method is used. Why is it necessary? We […]