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Webinar on Advanced Secured Wireless Access Control

Spintly is transforming the physical security industry with its fully wireless, cloud-based access control system. It removes the complexity out of the process of deploying an access control solution in a building. With absolutely no wiring the installers can save more than 60% of their time and cost and be more productive.

Our vision is to make the built world smarter and simpler by providing a frictionless access control experience to users and to make the building smarter with our fully wireless mesh platform for smart building devices.

Our mission is to enable the future of smart buildings, enriching lives by providing safe, sustainable, and convenient living and working environments. We are committed to prioritizing people’s well-being through intelligent spaces, enhancing their quality of life, and contributing to a more secure world.

Webinar on Advanced Secured Wireless Access Control
A modern access management system that combines the power of the cloud, smartphone, and wireless technology. Switching from a standard access facility to a wireless access control system is simpler than you would believe.
During the introduction to the Advanced Secured Wireless Access Control webinar, Spintly Regional Head Gaurav Sharma will provide a detailed overview of how the technology works and how it can reduce the time, effort, and cost associated with deploying access control systems.