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Enabling Smart
Hotel Access

Welcome your guests and offer a secure frictionless And experience with our contactless hotel access control platform.

Now unlock your hotel room with
your smartphone
Now unlock your hotel room with your smartphone

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Benefits of Spintly Smart access
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Hassle-Free Migration

“Hassle-Free Migration” refers to the seamless and effortless implementation of smart access control systems without the need for additional infrastructure or wiring. This means that businesses or homeowners can upgrade their security measures to include smart access control features such as electronic locks, keyless entry, or mobile app-based access, without the complexity and cost of rewiring or setting up new hardware. This approach not only saves time and resources but also allows for a quick and convenient transition to modern, secure access control solutions.


“Integration” in the context of access control refers to the capability of the access control system to smoothly and effectively connect with existing software platforms. This means that the access control system can be seamlessly integrated with other software applications, such as security management software, building automation systems, or employee databases. By enabling these integrations, organizations can centralize and streamline their operations, allowing for more efficient management of access permissions, monitoring, and reporting. This results in a cohesive and comprehensive security ecosystem that leverages existing technologies to enhance overall effectiveness and convenience.


“Scalable” in the context of access control means that the system can naturally expand and adapt to multiple locations without significant complications or limitations. This scalability allows businesses or organizations to easily extend their access control solutions to various sites, whether they are opening new branches, offices, or facilities. It ensures that the access control system remains efficient and manageable as the organization grows, providing a seamless and unified security solution across different locations.

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