Building automation and Wireless Technology

Spintly Building automation and Wireless Technology

Building automation and wireless technology In today’s world, energy efficiency is of the utmost importance. With global warming and climate change looming over us, finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint has become more critical than ever before. And, as buildings account for a significant amount of energy consumption, building automation has become a crucial […]

Webinar on Advanced Secured Wireless Access Control

Webinar on Advanced Secured Wireless Access Control

Webinar on Advanced Secured Wireless Access Control A modern access management system that combines the power of the cloud, smartphone, and wireless technology. Switching from a standard access facility to a wireless access control system is simpler than you would believe.During the introduction to the Advanced Secured Wireless Access Control webinar, Spintly Regional Head Gaurav […]

Retrofit your Workspace with Spintly Smart Access Control

Spintly Retrofit Access Control

Retrofit your Workspace with Spintly Smart Access Control Spintly is a workspace access control system that offers several benefits for business owners and employees. With Spintly, businesses can manage employee access to workspaces, set up a keyless entry, and manage security of the building. For employees, Spintly offers a convenient way to access the workspace […]

Case Study – Shades of Springs

Shades of Spring

Spintly provides Smart Access Control with Integration Solution to Shades of Spring Shades of Spring is redefining the flower delivery experience, making the giving and receiving of beautiful fresh flowers the joy it is meant to be. Shades of Spring are the original subscription online flower delivery company and now offer a number of new […]

Case Study – Prestige WestWoods


Wireless Access Solutions for Main Door Access, Club House and Elevator Access at Prestige Westwoods Software Solutions: Access Management, Elevator Access, Fire Doors Hardware Solutions: UNO and Gateway and Mesh IO for Fire Integration Prestige WestWoods is an elegantly designed home with a seamless blend of sophistication, comfort, and style. The project is generously landscaped […]

Case Study – Tele India

TeleIndia Logo

Smartphone-based Multifactor authentication to secure access to a Data centre Teleindia began its India operations in 2006, in the telecom vertical as a ‘Service Provider’ business unit with proven expertise, quality standards and efficient delivery processes, making it a reliable partner for a new digital age, reshaping the future of people, nations and businesses Solutions […]

Nexkey Alternative

Nexkey Replacement

Alternative to Nexkey : Replace Nexkey and update your access control system It may be difficult to choose an access control system for your company, and even more difficult to replace your current one. With Nexkey shutting down its service, making this vital decision demands careful consideration. Given the significance of the access control system […]

Case Study – GreytHR

Spintly GreytHR

Case Study The Problem and Challenges The organisations to those we provide our access control services had another problem of managing the attendance and payroll. The previous time & attendance system was becoming a bottle neck being a local machine which use to generate reports which can be accessed over local ethernet network. The machine […]

BIOMETRICS – The Future and recent trends in access control

Spintly Biometric Access

BIOMETRICS – The Future and Recent Trends in Access Control Biometric Security Systems Explained What is the purpose of biometrics in access control? To begin with the history, the term biometric is derived from the Greek vocabulary, where Bio means Life and Metric means To Measure. In simple words, the biometric access control means a […]


Thread + Matter - Spintly

THREAD + MATTER – THE FUTURE OF HOME AUTOMATION We are all moving towards an automated world as automation is becoming more affordable, relevant and functional in solving everyday problems. As the use of the Internet of Things  (IoT) and AI is becoming more common, the automation of a household is becoming more advanced and […]

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