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THREAD + MATTER – THE FUTURE OF HOME AUTOMATION We are all moving towards an automated world as automation is becoming more affordable, relevant and functional in solving everyday problems. As the use of the Internet of Things  (IoT) and AI is becoming more common, the automation of a household is becoming more advanced and […]

Smart Access Control for the Hospitality industry

Hotel Access

Smart Access Control for the Hospitality Industry Welcome to the next level of Smart Access Control in the Hospitality industry The hospitality industry is just not confined to hotels, tourism, restaurants and bars; but it’s an Experience, which remains on the “best memorable moments” page in people’s life. Managing a hotel, controlling its staff, protecting […]

Instant Mobile Credentialing: The Future of Access Control

Instant Mobile Credentialing

Instant Mobile Credentialing: The future of Access Control As the need for safety and security is the most talked-about aspect in today’s world, security integrators are committed to providing advanced security solutions to the end-users. One of their objectives is to be agile and offer top-notch security services to the clients and help them stay […]