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Spintly: Making India Smarter the IoT way

IoT in India

The IOT ecosystem in India is in its nascent stages. Especially there is a dearth of original product development companies making products for the Indian IOT ecosystem. There are a few companies which have picked up this challenge and are making products trying to fill up the void.

Mrinq Technologies is one of India’s few indigenous hardware platform manufacturers developing products for the Indian IOT wireless ecosystem. With years of experience in the wireless IOT hardware industry and with a strong research team, Mrinq is well positioned to disrupt the IOT Hardware space in India and around the world.

IOT is taking off all across the world and India is not too far behind. There are 5 major sectors where IOT will have a big impact. Smart cities, Industrial IOT, Medical IOT, Smart Homes fully equipped with smart access, smart security and smart lighting, connected cars, etc will cover more than 90% of the IOT market. IOT is expected to be a $450 billion industry worldwide by 2020 and the Indian IOT market is expected to grow from $1.3billion in 2017 to $15billion in 2020. This growth in the market will mainly be spurred due to the demand by portable device users for real-time data from various things around them and their desire to control things remotely.

Applications in Smart Access and Smart Lighting

What seemed to be science fiction a few years back is almost a reality now. Your curtains open at 6:30AM as the alarm goes off and soft music plays to give you a great start in the morning. As you walk through from the bedroom into your bathroom the bathroom lights automatically come on. The possibilities are endless. All this is realizable with the current technologies available without spending a fortune.

Wireless connectivity in various household devices will soon become a default feature in future. Upper middle class and eventually middle class of India will feel the need for home automation products in coming future. Industrial IOT is where most of the automation systems have historically been wired systems. But now with the latest technologies like BLE 5.0 which support long range as high as 200m there is a new breed of industrial sensors available. These sensors allow an easy deployment at very affordable cost. This will make industrial IOT sensors affordable to small scale industries allowing them to improve their processes and operational efficiencies.

The Indian IoT Scenario:

The Indian government through its “Smart City Mission” has already announced a list of 100 cities which have been selected to be developed as smart cities. The smart city mission requires deployment of smart internet connected devices to control street lighting, traffic & transportation systems, waste management etc. This presents a huge opportunity and a challenge to all IOT companies. Mrinq has spun off its latest line of smart products called, “Spintly”.

Spintly has a range of intelligent products in Smart Access and Smart Lighting which based on the robust BLE mesh technology. The BLE mesh technology provides a virtually unlimited range through its mesh networks. It also greatly improved battery life allowing battery powered sensors which can last for up to 10 years on a single CR2032 battery. Both these features promises hassle free and smooth experience with our products.

So go ahead….Check out our product range and give us a call. We love to discuss how our products and services can help you.



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