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Spintly - API - application-programming-interface

Imagine you have a requirement where your boss tells you to create an integration between the meeting schedule and the door access control for the meeting rooms. And he gives you one week or less for it

You have the following solution

  • Say impossible to your Boss
  • Build your own access control system in one week
  • Use Spintly remote open APIs

Yes, you heard it right, Spintly provides a remote access API, where you just need to provide the door id in the API n click send n just like magic the door will open. To use Spintly and test Spintly API will take you only 5 minutes, to Integrate this API into your system it should take no more than 1 hour. 

So for the meeting booking use case, you can easily generate a temporary link that is sent to the meeting attendees. Once they click on the link using quick authentication by any suitable means like OTP or QR code the attendees can access the meeting room.

To integrate with Spintly you will require the following

So before we go with the API, you will require to understand Spintly Architecture

So as you can see in the image, there are two parts to it. One is the physical location where the actual devices are installed and the other is the cloud side. In the image, the SpintlyUNO device talks to the Spintly gateway, and the Spintly gateway is responsible for talking to the cloud. Spintly gateway then talks to the IoT microservice and the IoT microservice then in turn talks to the ACaaS microservice. The SaaS microservice which you can see is your backend (client backend)

Overview on How the remote API Works

Spintly Integration - Inter_face

Spintly ACaaS (Access Control as a Service) backend exposes the remote API, the client just has to call this API from their backend and Spintly will then do its job of opening the door 

What is needed from the APIs

  • Spintly client id and client secret
  • Spintly get access point API
  • Spintly remote API

Integration Steps

  1. Go to postman
  2. Use the Client-Id and Client-Secret to Get the Access token
Spintly Integration - oauth_Token

3.Using the access token, get the Sites where the access point is present

4.Use the access token, Site-Id to get the access points

Spintly Integration - access_points

5.Using the token and access point Id, use the remote access API to open the door

Other than the Remote Integration API, spintly also provides mobile SDK, wherein the client can put Spintly access control SDK in their own mobile app and start opening doors over Bluetooth or NFC. The SDK integration flow will be explained in another blog. Stay tuned


Dominic Barretto,

Lead – Software Integrations