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Spintly Team

The Journey

Spintly as a brand was launched in early 2019 after experimenting in the India markets. After deliberating on a number of ideas including Smart Homes, Smart Lighting, Beacons and Smart Industrial Sensing devices, the founders found a major problem in the Access Control space and thus “Spintly” was born.

“We looked at the access control systems in buildings and office spaces, and found that it involved a lot of wiring and bulky hardware. Wires were costly, messy and would sometimes get eaten up by mice; access cards would be lost & controllers occupied huge rooms in the buildings. Customers found mobile-based access to be much more convenient, and we thought we could bring about that shift in the industry.”- Rohin Parkar, CEO and Co-Founder.

The Journey Begins

BLE Access


Spintly is built upon firm values that foster innovation and continuous improvement. The founders took a special interest in developing local talent from surrounding universities and training them to develop world class skill sets in wireless technology and software development. Their team consists of young passionate minds that do not consider what they do as just a job. It is a community where the thirst for knowledge and hunger to solve problems is highly valued.


Spintly is a BLE mesh- enabled IoT platform that facilitates indoor and outdoor management of access points like doors, gates, boardrooms, hotel rooms, office spaces, parking lots, or any area that requires a touch-based biometric log-in. Recognizing the immense potential of the data obtained through the platform, they went on further to build a SaaS solution that has many applications in attendance management, facility management, etc. “IoT devices collect a lot of events and data points and identify patterns that can help facility managers. We use machine learning (ML) in the cloud to provide insights. On top of the access control system, we have built a SaaS-based analytics platform for attendance and facility management. So, enterprises can keep a track of employee movement, hotels can check room occupancy rates, etc.”- Malcolm Dsouza, CTO and Co-Founder.


Spintly aims to be a global player in the fast growing Smart Access Control and smart buildings industry. The physical security industry is predicted to grow to USD 102 billion in 2024 with a CAGR of 11%. The acceptance of smart phone based access control systems and the growing recognition of the convenience and intelligence of such cloud-based platforms is fuelling the growth of this industry.