Simplifying Access Control

A truly wireless, cloud based access control platform for a seamless, hasslefree & contactless user experience.

Amplify the Simplicity

Spintly Smart Access Solutions enables indoor as well as outdoor management of your access points like doors and gates. Monitor the attendance of your employees in real-time or download comprehensive reports from anywhere in the world through Spintly’s cloud-based access control system


Product type

Wireless reader: Supports BLE mesh

BLE mesh allows access control deployments without any cabling, thus reducing wired infrastructure by more than 90%.

Proximity based access

Proximity based access helps you access the door without opening the app while you are within the specified range of reader.

Multi Credential support

Supports a wide range of access credentials such as Bluetooth, NFC and biometric.

Easy to Install and Set-up

Allows quick installation without the need for any wiring and seamless set-up using a smartphone App.

Smart Access Features

Enabling Seamless Access

Smartphone based access

Fully Wireless Solution

Works without internet