Smart Co-Living Experience

Value Proposition

A smart, secure and frictionless experience to residents of co-living apartments. Get real time access data with ability to grant access remotely.

Solution Features

Prevent unauthorized access without compromising resident experience.

Residents granted access for the period of their stay.

Residents download the Co-living App with inbuilt access control.

Residents use smart mobile Key to unlock their approved doors.

Access expires after pre determined period unless renewed.

Access common facilities and amenities.


Solution Components

Door Access control

  • Only residents and staff can access the room
  • Residents need a valid digital key to access
  • Smartphone based access
  • Card based access
  • Generates alarm if the door is left open
  • Real time data logging to the cloud


  • Connects to all door locks using a mesh network
  • Collects data in real time from all door locks and Key card readers
  • Pushes data in Realtime to the cloud
  • Helps grant and remove access remotely

Key Cards

  • Staff card gives access to staff
  • Staff can be granted access based on a
    predetermined schedule
  • Card access data captured in the cloud on
    Realtime basis.


  • Bluetooth enabled card writer to instantaneously issue access cards if required
  • Can only be operated through an approved Co-living App or Spintly App with Admin rights

Why Spintly

  • End to End solution with Hardware, Mobile SDK and Cloud platform support
  • Strong security enabled with wireless mesh protocol
  • No wiring needed – Easy installation and set-up
  • Real-time access data available
  • No Wi-Fi is required across the building.
  • Allows centralized monitoring of all properties.